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Quoted in Family Circle

28 July 2010 No Comment

In “Class Acts” in the September issue of Family Circle, Dan Tynan quotes me on the topic of social media in education.

In fact, many Web tools can be used to help kids do their schoolwork, says Candace Lindemann, founder of the educational consulting company Naturally Educational (naturallyeducational.com) in New York. They can use Twitter to get instant access to experts, create their own social networks on sites like Ning.com, or launch a blog to connect with students throughout the world. Even a classic time waster like YouTube can be used productively.”

“Say your kids are studying the issues surrounding pollution or human rights violations,” Lindemann says. “In the past students would put together a presentation and stand up in front of their friends and maybe their parents. Today, they can capture it with a webcam and upload it to YouTube. It impresses upon students why it’s important to really know their stuff and be able to communicate it clearly. The kids understand if they get their message right, thousands of people can hear what they have to say, and they can make a difference.”


Sticking your head in the sand or leaving it up to your kids to learn the rules themselves is a recipe for disaster. “Parents would be smart to embrace any tool that might help their kids in school,” says Lindemann. “Let’s face it. Social media is here to stay.”

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